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Taper Ball Nose Cutting Bit

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Taper ball nose cutting bits are used for surfacing cuts on a CNC machine. This means the CNC machine is cutting a 3D surface. The taper ball nose bits are designed to be able to get into those small pockets while still being able to maintain required stability and stiffness in the bit and not breaking the bit.

We offer a range of sizes, please see the table below:

Nose radius Flute length Shaft diameter Total bit length
0.25mm 20.5mm 4mm 50mm
0.5mm 20.5mm 4mm 50mm
0.75mm 20.5mm 4mm 50mm
1mm 20.5mm 4mm 50mm
1mm 30.5mm 6mm 75mm
1.5mm 30.5mm 6mm 75mm
2mm 30.5mm 6mm 75mm


  • Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Coating: TiSiN
  • Suitable for the following materials: Wood, Plastic, Aluminium, Copper, Structural foam, Acrylic, Polystyrene.

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