CNC Engraving Machine TTC450 460 x 460mm @ CNC Basix

CNC Engraving Machine TTC450 460 x 460mm

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CNC Engraving Machine TTC450 460 x 460mm



  • T8 Lead Screw
  • 120w 24v 5a 220v Power Supply
  • Controlling Software: Candle, Carveco, Artcam, Easel
  • Cutting and engraving: wood, acrylic, pvc, pcb, all types of plastics, soft aluminium
  • Metal Frame & Aluminium 4080U Profile
  • Main Board: DLC32 V2.1
  • Stepper Driver: A4988 1.3A
  • Stepper Motors: NEma 23 20mN.m
  • Spindle: 80w 8000 RPM
  • Running Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Repositioning Accuracy: 0.0025mm
  • Homing Switches: X, Y, Z double limit switch & E-Stop
  • Engraving Size: 460x460x80mm

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