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AXYZ1010L CNC Machine

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AXYZ1010L CNC Machine

Please note that this is a Laser Engraver Machine only and can't be used for Laser Cutting.

CNC Laser Engraver Machine Specs:

Size: 1000mm x 1000mm
Working Area 900mm x 900mm
1 x 2.5W Laser Module
3 x Nema 17 Stepper Motors
1 x 2 Axis Controller Board
1 x Green protective glasses

4.5 micro resolution - 30% higher resolution than systems in it's class
Z Axis travel 70mm - manual adjustable Z axis lenght
Attachment plate includes mounting holes for multiple attachments and tools.

Features Of Laser:

Wave length: 450nm

Power: 2500mW

Voltage: 12V

Idemitsu form: dot

Focus Mode: tuning knobs

Lens Material: dedicated optical coated glass

Cooling: forced air

Shell material: aluminum (anodized surface)

Laser Engraver advantages:

Integrated industrial design

Long working hours

Can not processed metals, glass, stone, ceramics, jewelry, silver, reflective material, translucent material

Carving wood / bamboo / paper / plastic / leather / rubber / horn

Can cut paper-thin / light wood / sponge paper / felt / fabric / sticker

Material 0.5W Laser 2.5W Laser 5.5W Laser
3mm Balsa Wood Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
5mm Balsa Wood Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
250g Card Board Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
300g Card Board Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
250g Craft Card Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
Non-woven Fabric Engrave Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut
Cotton Fabric EngraveĀ  Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut
Polyester Fabric Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
Canvas Engrave Engrave & Cut Engrave & Cut
Leather Engrave Engrave Engrave & Cut
Solid Wood Engrave Engrave Engrave
MDF Wood Engrave Engrave Engrave
Bamboo Engrave Engrave Engrave
Acrylic / Perspex - Engrave Engrave
Stone / Ceramic - - Engrave
Painted Metal Surface - Engrave Engrave
Bare metal surface - - Engrave**
Anodized metal surface - - Engrave


**Metal engraving spray, powder or tape required for laser marking on bare metal surface.

    • Machine needs minor assembling a easy to use assembling guide will be sent through.
    • Please allow 7-14 working days for the machine to be ready.
    • Please allow 3-7 working days for delivery ā€“ depending on the delivery address.
    • Please note that we canĀ courierĀ the machine free of charge without insurance, if insurance is required please request insurance fees.Ā 

    • Please note that delivery fees may apply depending on your location and depending on the size of the machine required.